This semester's brief was to design a restaurant with outdoor areas and landscaping at Huk, Oslo.

The ACDL studio (Advanced Computational Design Laboratory) is project-based and places a strong emphasis on computational tools as part of the design process and communication of ideas. The studio is not about the tools per se, rather about an experimental approach to architectural design, design processes and methodologies.

Our ambition is to investigate fundamental architectural topics by means of analog and computational tools in an iterative way. This focus on process and methodology throughout the semester allows the analogue and digital to be considered together as part of a holistic approach.

Our aim is to support the students develop their own design methodology - and to equip them with the knowledge, skills and tools to achieve their architectural design.

Teachers: Søren S. Sørensen, Sofia Martins da Cunha, Nicolai Ramm Østgaard, Jan Markus Ludwig.

Sensor: Marianne Sætre

Students: Emilie Wium Christensen, Helén Dawes, Petter Souvorov Elverum, Benjamin Fjerdingstad, Helene Sellevoll Karlsen, Rasa Labunskaite, Anne Lise Lizcano Ladegård, Adrian Moene, Hedda Juel Paulsen, Julian Riise, Silje Ekornrud Seim, Mikael Spinnangr, Anna Olette Tangen, Magnus Olav Wickmann, Fanny Ingeborg Mediaas Wiese.