TAP is a building design studio concerned with the measurable and immeasurable qualities of architecture. It is a studio where the students develop an individual architectural project from abstract concept to concrete solution. The brief for the semester has been to design a detailed site according to specific given constraints, and then to design a building that celebrates this site. The building should have an interior and an exterior space, but neither infrastructure nor a specific function. The focus of the studio has been how the conditions of a site can influence the architectural decisions: The choice of materials, structure and tectonic solutions, and the design of spatial configurations and qualities.

Students: Ragnhild Angel, José Pedro Domingues Cerdeira, Yichen Fu, Åsmund Iva Fallet, Juels Daniel Foss, Saimi Inkeri Järvinen, Oda Østerås Lobben, Erik Matzow, Sofie Amailie Ramstad, Elisabeth Skavik, Silje Breistein Svarstad, Oscar Figur Waddington, Mingming Zhang, Chen He

Teachers: Beate Hølmebakk and Chris Engh

Critic: Christine Petersen
Censor: Jonas Norsted