Reversing Thresholds

The architectural threshold is a (physical/mental) space encapsulating a change, transition, or a sense of contingency. A threshold is the vestibule of experience; indeterminate and temporal.

The elective course attempts to redraw attention to architectural thresholds and their lost values. The syllabus of the course consists of critical readings of a selected list of literature studies followed by reflective table discussions, and comprehensive reverse readings of selected thresholds in built precedents. The course objective is to provide knowledge on the existing key perspectives on the notion of threshold and to build a comprehensive understanding of their (spatial) position through reflective and analytical observations.

Teachers: Lina Broström, Sareh Saeidi

Guests: David Leatherbarrow, Per Olaf Fjeld, Matthew Anderson

Sensor: Per Olaf Fjeld

Students: Carina Lovise Forsmo, Saimi Inkeri Järvinen, Karoline Borander Holmestrand, Franka Höger, Jonas Sannerud Kalin, Karen Stormoen Mykland, Hedda Juel Paulsen, Sofie Amalie Ramstad, Théo Simon, Morten Stubberud, Kristoffer Frydenlund Sælid, Solveig Tjetland, Pia Kristine Tveit, Reidar Andreas Tveit, Amanda Verde, Magnus Olav Wickmann