RE-STORE: Yesterday´s house tomorrow

The most common dwelling in Norway is the detached house. Most of these houses are old but built for a long lifespan. However, the conditions of the dwellings very often do not match todays use.
Rather than demolishing these houses we need to investigate their origin, intention, and how they can be developed into a sustainable home for tomorrow.

Enormous resources are being spent on renovating existing homes, the focus being mainly on bathrooms, kitchens and surfaces. Very little of this upgrading has an actual impact on the architectural and technical values of the house. Existing qualities and building components that could have been reused are lost through upgrades that take place without the help of professionals. With more than 1 million detached homes in Norway, bringing yesterday`s house into tomorrow is a relevant topic for future architects.

Through close studies of common housing typologies from the period 1950-1980, the students proposed transformations of these homes to fit tomorrow’s needs. The semester was divided in two equally detailed projects:

10 clients X 1 house deals with programmatic changes to the same standardized house from 1962. Each students received a personal mail from a client. Modification of the existing house was carried out with the presence of the homeowners needs and dreams.

1 client X 10 houses deals with the physical conditions of ten different houses. Each student worked with a house built in the period 1950- 1980. The houses are dilapidated and have various issues related to location, layout of area, floor plan and technical conditions.

Teachers: Kaja Bergliot Poulsen, Siri Moseng, Alexander Minge Salim, Michael Lommertz

Guests: Jan Olav Jensen, Marius Mowe, Torun Golberg, Christine Petersen

Students: Bengt Hilding, Markus Bengtsson, Silje Dæhli, Eirik Spånem Eliassen, Carina Lovise Forsmo, Katarina Holløkken Hammer, Nora Marie Bogerud Kilstad, Kim Nyseth Kvalheim, Helle Brænd Rabbås, Trygve Aune Tveita, Amalie Marie Elvegård Utigård.Elisabeth Skavik, Karina Tang, Kine Nordgård Ugelstad