“OUT OF HOUSE” Nationaltheatret

A strategic building block of an emerging national identity, The National Theatre of Oslo was already too small at its inauguration in 1899. After discussions of expansion and upgrading since the 1930s, governmental support is finally in place and a feasibility study is currently in process. The overdue renovation and rebuilding is set to start in 2022. As a consequence, the National Theatre will soon be out of house and in need of a temporary stage - estimated to last for 6 years or more. A period just long enough to question; at what point and to what degree can the temporary become the new permanent?

The studio focused on this pocket of opportunity to investigate the notions of temporality, circularity and the city. This new theatre, its position and the public interior as an idea and a project were the object of the students’ experimentations for this semester.

Teachers: Gro Bonesmo, Johanne Borthne, Paul-Antoine Lucas

Students: Andrea Vandsemb Nymoen, Runa Rørvik Haanæs, Maria Filippa Breigan Brox, Hanna Eimot, Simen Gloppen, Søren Ruud Dingstad, Christian Magnus Tømmeraas Berg, Vilde Wøien, Pernille Marie Boye Ahlgren, Cathrine Tønseth Sundem, Andrea Dale Hareide, Ellen Marlene Hannah Scherr, Karin Hedberg, Eleni Magnisali, Marlon Viard, Stian Røraas