Multistory Buildings

An important aim for the Multistory Buildings studio is to explore, study and play with the architectural potential of loadbearing structures of in terms of materiality, design and how the structure can play an active role in framing good spaces for different use.

The most important issue about making architecture sustainable is to design and build inviting spaces with durable materials and structures capable to adapt to new users and, if possible, chancing programs over time.

The students have worked with their semester projects on 3 different plots in central Oslo.

Teachers: Bente Kleven, Bjørn Normann Sandaker, Astrid Rhode Wang

Olav Andersen, Marte Gresslien, Hilde Stensby Hagen, Ida Messel, Tord Mardoff Nielsen, Solveig Tjetland, Margarita Waade, Knut Østevik, Simon Tverå Drage, Jørgen Craig Lello, Mattia Mattiuzzi, Kristofer Mattson, Victor Nordheim, Davide Dicepoli

Extern Censor: Ola Moe