MAKE WATER DO. Water-sensitive urban development within Greater Oslo

The studio set out to explore an alternative pathway to the large residential developments that are being developed in Oslo’s growing region.

What if a landscape framework – water sensitive and re-regenerative – would form the basis of urban development? Two sites – one upstream in Stensrud/Oslo, one downstream at Kjeller airport/Lillestrøm – served as testing grounds.

Through a method of transposing urban and water precedents, we conceived of descriptions of landscape form, figures of water flow, pattern of terraces, layers of memory, spaces of ecological facilitation, plots of caring and sharing, and landscape-based beginnings of architectures as approaches to be taken further into urbanism.

Teachers: Sabine Müller, Miguel Hernández

External examiners: Alex Wall, Paul Woodville

Students: Julia Debos, Julie Krogstad, Aniella Sophie Goldinger, Shiuli Mukerjea, Frida Nygård, Tu-Uyen Phan-Nguyen, Sarita Poptani, Maria Charlotte Thoner, Camila Urrego, Marie Mork Nielsen, Janina Lissette Sanchez Cardenas, Florence Steenebruggen, Yoann Rouzières, Clarissa Werner, Olive Wong, Xiaoyuan Wu