GK6 COMMONS - Place and Territory in the North

Studio 61 106 in landscape architecture, introduces subarctic geographies and challenges. Commons – Place and Territory in the North provided basic insight into and experience with methods and tools for landscape-based mapping, analysis and landscape architectural project development under northern conditions. The studio draw on urban approaches and landscape ecological understanding models thought in the elective courses in landscape theory led by Janike Kampevold Larsen, and ecology led by Kari Anne Bråthen. The projects produce new knowledge about the place, the territory and the dynamic landscapes we investigate by creating strategic future cartographies and designing landscape architectural projects that relate to possible sustainable futures.

Fieldwork in the fishing village of Ballstad in Lofoten with studies of the local environment and interaction with local politicians, planners, moving image artists and architects built the foundations for the design of meeting places, and new commons.

Teachers: Kjerstin Uhre, Marja Folde, Michaël Stas

Sensors: Karl Otto Ellefsen, Nuno Almeida, Kjerstin Uhre

Lecturers, guest critics and contributors: Navid Navid, Karin Helms, Michael Jones, Karl Otto Ellefsen, Tora Arctander, Aaron Feicht, Mary-Ann og Børge Iversen, Camilla Figenschou, Andrea W Hveding, Henrik Lande, Franciska Seifert Eliassen, Jona Kleinlein, Remi Solberg, Sigve Olsen Jochen Caesar, Heidi Bergsli, Eva-Mari Rahkola, Janike Kampevold Larsen, Kari Anne Bråthen, Rebekka Christophersen, Sanjey Sureshkumar, Gustav Oliver Gunvaldsen

Students: Amanda Ellisif Arnesen, Trine Hveding Øvstebø, Iris Røise Aasebø, Live Victoria Hesland Nore, Bilal Mohammad Khushi, Roger Walvåg, Lene Hauge, Sverre Drange Sletten, Otto Francis Kornhubers, Rebecca Gjelstad, Fredrik Van Der Horst, Karl Inge Rosén, Tale Marker, Axel Ottar, Kaveh Kawousi, Astrid Aune Tveita