Studio GK4 Systemer: Bynaturlaboratorium is a foundation level course in landscape architecture. After understanding the basic natural systems of the landscape (geology, hydrology and ecology) in the previous semester, the students are proposed to work in a small-scale urban context where they are asked to integrate these fundamental systems into the design process. The site, Tangen Sentrum in Nesodden, was chosen because of its relevance to the Oslo region; and because of the close connection between the small-scale urban center and the main forrest areas of Nesodden. Nature is a very present element that defines the essence of the place and acts as a foundational principle of the different strategies, visions and approaches. During the semester, the students also had the chance to learn, research and discuss different themes that were integral for the development of their work, such as landscape and site analysis, public participation, city nature, scenography, atmosphere, form and space.

Teachers: Nuno Almeida, Erik Munkebye, Carly Troncale, Erling Christofer, Dale Wiebe and Tine Aamodt.

Sensor: Mille Astrup Rønning og Marit Askbo (Nesodden kommune), Elisabeth Sjødahl og Hanne Johnsrud

Lecturer: Hanne Johnsrud, Aslaug Tveit, Halvor Ellefsen, Jens Noach, Eva Ellefsen, Jon Erik Børresen, Kenneth Balfelt, Rasmus Astrup, Signe Becker, Sonja Duempelmann and Miguel Gerogieff

Students: Julie Hjelt Wold, Markus Hovden Torsvik, Fredrik Svendgård, Malene Karlsen Strøm, Tara Lu Christensen Steihaug, Stian Stange, Iselin Listou Nordsletten, Katrine Liene, Even Kristensen, Sofie Randall King, Frida Suzanne Karlsson, Julie Haukland Karlsen, Dridrik Leslie Hembery, Ragnild Haave, Tomine Haaland Furelid, Zeri Emilie Botani, Lajla Bækø