GK2 Parklaboratorium

Studio GKL2 is the second semester of the 5 years master in landscape architecture. The studio has the park as a thematic approach – PARKLABORATORIUM - and contains a series of 3 semester tasks focusing on landscape arhcitecture as a space for daily activities and inspiration as well as the park as an important habitat and living room for plants, animals and insects crucial for a sustainable green urban infrastructure. During this semester the students have been working within contexts of different scales and site specifities; at the harbour site, on an existing park surrounded by classical carres in Grünerløkka, and within a future green infrastructure in a periurban area at Økern/Løren.

The selected works here from Sukkerbiten A place for the weather explore the continuous changes created by the interaction between local weather phenomena, design and choice of materials. Through a detailed investigation of the local climate and observation of daily and hourly shifts e.g. in temperature, windspeed, light condition , students had to choose a weather phenomenon – fog, summerrain, sundown, tide, etc – and devevlop an overall landscape architectural concept for the park illustrating the specific qualities around the experience of the chosen weather topic by focusing on choice of materials. Hence, a new park for the weather at Sukkerbiten illustrates alternative ways of how citizens and tourists visitng the harbour site can experience the nordic weather in new promising and exiting ways.

Teachers: Hanne Bat Finke, Jan Bernigeroth, Nuno Ricardo Do Carmo Sardinha de Almeida, Silje Kolltveit

Students: Sander Lilja Langfeldt, Lars Hovland, Chenyu Yan, Kaja Bratt Bakka, Marthe Kristiansen, Heidi Johansdottir Fosse, Sander Matias Dahlen, Tuva Holland Mathisen, Kamil Benon Rød, Lene Katrine Hole, Taran Tenge, Benedicte Marie Jensen, Sindre Berg Bekkåsen, Anna-Julia Maria Kristina Granberg, Ivona Pepdonovic, Sandra Martine Eskeland, Nora Kristensen, Bjørn Blom-Jensen, Clara Iversen Peters, Sara Steen Holvik, Tobias Herland Bergwitz-Larsen, Aurora Wisnes Gytre, Cecilie Vedvik Assev, Jorild Johanna Bjerkeng Scherjon, Cecilie Johannessen