Foreword: Spring 2021

The spring semester 2021 became the new digital normal at AHO as the pandemic situation continued to control and restrict physical presence and exchange in the school as well as the rest of the world.

However, a few studios and workshops were priopritised to 1.year students in smaller groups as well as diploma students that were dependent on their working space. For these student groups this possibility has been crucial, as a physical exchange lays the foundation of what architectural practice is all about. No doubt, and we need to appreciate and celebrate, that these student groups helped each other through their challenging start and end of their presence at AHO.

Last semester we were all very surprised, that the AHO WORKS turned out to reveal a high degree of quality and innovative approaches to overcome the digital obstacles, that we were alle met with, and that the insisting will to unfold an extensive production still exists – both among older students and the newcomers. Well sustained by teachers – that needed to reinvent teaching pedagogy to a great extend.

What we have experienced this semester, and what is expressed through this spring semester exhibition, is, that architecture, landscape, urbanism and design students are capable of a high degree of ideas for the future society, and that adaption sits well within our profession. A “small virus” can´t stop the fantastic expression of ideas and form experiments made in every studio, course or workshop.

Many new teaching forms, methodologies and ways of conversational exchange have been tested, and both students and staff have been challenged - and propelled - by many acute alterations that followed the national health guidelines as well as quarantine implications etc.

What we clearly missed however is to be able to conduct study tours and field trips, where the real world materiality re-opens our senses and remind us of the inevitable moments of eye opening inspirational features that we only experience in the meeting between our bodies and context directly.

We are proud and happy to present this AHO WORKS edition 2021, and we hope to encourage everyone to take a deep look into this cornucopia of an overwhelming, promising student work production at all levels of the progammes.

Thank you especially all students and teachers for this contribution – as well as to all. Special thanks to Aleksandra Ognjanov, Giacomo Pelizzari and Hanna Birkeland Bergh from the Institute of Architecture, and to Jeppe Sophus Lai from the department of Communication, for having produced AHO´s second digital AHO WORKS. It works! 

Kerteminde 17.juni 2021

Hanne Bat Finke

Associate Professor
Institute of Urbanism and Landscape