Coexistence IV: LOVE

The studio continues the discussion on coexistence and how it can be investigated and materialised in architecture as both an autonomous structure and as a social space related to a particular site – fictional or real.

The concept of LOVE is discussed as a desire for, interest in, and acknowledgement of an other – brought into the realm of architecture with the help of language, and through given spatial relations: distance, proximity, accessibility, intimacy, symmetry, asymmetry, contrast, assembly, separation and solitude.

Students’ subjective experiences and reflection inspire an architectural project for dwelling that carries the individual students’ chosen argument on LOVE.

Teachers: Lisbeth Funck, Matthew Anderson.

Guests: Dagur Eggertsson, Per Olaf Fjeld, Julie Harjo, Graham Mark Bennett, Selma Isefiær McDougall.

Students: Julie Elise Bølstad, Helene Marnburg Ellefsen, Aksel Akselsen Falkanger, Anna Malin Grønsberg, Veronica Kavochi Idland Kadasia, Francisco Manuel Marques Braga, Maris Mänd, Frida Nilsen, Amanda Bjørnvall Olsen, Maria Schrøder, Arman Esmaili Sellæg, Noah Silver, Selma Hole Strandskogen, Camila Vieira Toni Braz, Lydia Johanna Alvina Winninge