Body and Space Morphologies is a research-based teaching program placed in the field of Architecture & Culture studies. Our attempt is to partake in the discourse on the Phenomenology of Architecture by working and studying Architectural Phenomenology – the making / sensing of a strong architectural narrative - outside of the Conventions of Architecture. We aim at preparing and enabling students to conduct their own investigation into Architectural Phenomenology understood as a Research Creation; a working mode creating an inspired Material Practice “attuned to process rather than the communication of outputs or products”.

Body & Space Morphologies introduced four topics under which students’ own initiatives and working processes can be placed, enabling dedicated students to create their own study-biography in which the different topics hopefully can help to show or demonstrate a growing thought/learning/material and understanding that is complementary (rather than repetitive) from one semester to another.

Catharsis: the necessity to do something because of a particular interest / inspiration / desire of yours. Satisfies your curiosity and releases a working process that brings you closer to that which you want to get to know better.

Land: the readiness to engage with an environment, source or ground from which you can draw affordance from. Relates your creation and material process to a body/source/phenomena you connect it too.

House: the want to make a house (construction/unit/infrastructure/garden/ beholder) you want or need to make. Releases the attempt to make that house and finds ways to make it based on your understanding of the "want" as a necessity that connects the work to something else.

Film: the confrontation with conditions and phenomena and the practice of looking at and forming content through recording and editing moving images and audio. Strengthens your awareness for existing alternative narratives in the way we see production and presentation of phenomena and conditions.

Teachers: Rolf Gerstlauer, Wenkai Xu, Anders Eik Pilskog, Jan Gunnar Skjeldsøy, Julie Dind

Sensors: Per Olaf Fjeld, Dagur Eggertsson

Students: Helene Aasgaard, Jan-Kenneth Tecson Andersen, Emilie Winther Berg, Jonas Bø Cassel, Ole Dalheim, Nikolai Zamarajev Fischer, Sofie Hauge, Noemi Martinelli, Sindre Moen, Sigurd Røsok, Ingvild Høystad Stavem, Helle Holm Søreide, Kine Nordgård Ugelstad, Amanda Verde, Emanuel Verde