The course is an examination of the architecture of mountain ski sport. To gain a deeper understanding of the mountain, both as a topographic terrain and as an aesthetic phenomenon, the area has been mapped and modeled and individual sites determined. Each project has been developed through a visual study of the culture of the sport, and a program created that adds value to the overall space of the mountain experience.

Teachers: Thomas McQuillan, John Sanden, Bin Li, Mari Lending

Students: Gustav Louis Bjorhus Askhaven, Hanna Lie Bakken, Kristin Rut Gunnarsdottir, Lars Christoffer Gustafsson Holmen, Franka Hoger, Jonas Sannerud Kalin, Stina Meinicke, Theo Simon, Morten Stubberud, Emilie Swanstrom, Pia Kristine Tveit, Hedda Teigen Ukkestad, Magnus Oivind Ullnaess, Sina Martinsen Walle